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Back to Punta Cana

Sometimes when we return to the same place over and over again you start to wonder, do I really love this as much as I think I do or is it just comfortable?  We believe that you  have to change it up once in a while to truly appreciate where you are.  We never want to take for granted that we have the opportunity to travel and experience different places.

Our next vacation we decided to return to Punta Cana.  This trip we stayed at the Majestic Colonial.  By far, one of the best resorts we have been to anywhere.  While lots of places deem themselves 5 stars, this one truly was.  From the rooms to the food and service, everything was first rate.


It was the first time we ever had a swim-up room, I highly recommend experiencing that. I would book one again in a heart beat.  We could swim to the pool bar, we had our own lounger and second Jacuzzi on the patio.

The room also had an indoor Jacuzzi, four poster bed and was always decorated beautifully.

They would leave treats in the room almost every day.

The staff at this resort just really seemed to be happy to be there.  Their happiness and enthusiasm just made you want to be there.  They would dance around during service, they were never without smile, an empty plate never lasted on your table for more that a few seconds and your glass/cup was never empty before the waiter/waitress would show up with a refill.  I have never had service that good anywhere else.  It really helps make the experience that much more special.

When we visit these places the biggest thing we notice is that most resorts don’t use the beach at night.  Well here we were able to experience a beach party and it was spectacular!  Acrobats, BBQ, and amazing staff, who seemed to be everywhere we were all week.  I almost felt like we had our own personal service they were that good.

Having been to Punta Cana before and knowing that you can’t really go off resort without doing a guided tour we didn’t do much this trip.  The one thing we did do was a buggy ride.  It was definitely better than the last one we did in Punta Cana.  We visited an old abandoned resort which was eerie but very cool and got to put our feet in the water at the point where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean.

I have said it before and I will say it again, Bavaro Beach is amazing and this section is very busy.  The best part of Bavaro is that you can walk and walk.


If the Majestic Colonial was in the Riviera Maya I think it would be the perfect place to visit over and over again.  I hope we get to go back here someday, maybe to the Elegance next time.