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Montego Bay, Jamaica

After years of saying we wanted to go to Jamaica we finally bit bullet and did it in 2015.

Where we come from going away and staying in a cottage is something we do whenever we can.  Be it with friends, family or on your own a cabin or cottage is awesome.  So much better than tenting!  When we saw that we could book a cottage at the Royal Decameron Club Caribbean and get it for a great price we knew we had to do it.


The friends we normally travel with opted for another mega resort experience, we are pretty much done with that and this looked really cool, so it was another solo trip for us. I call my husband a professional friend maker.  No matter where we go he will always make new friends.  He just has that personality.  He is a great person to travel with.

It was only a 3.5 start but let me tell you the experience was 5 star!  I would take having a five start experience over a five star resort any day.  Now if you got both that would be fantastic I am sure!

2015 was one of the worst winters for snow we had in years, so this escape was sooo welcomed!

When we booked this we were a bit nervous as we had read and heard a lot of negative things about Jamaica.  Everything from the airport to drug sellers.  Honestly, other than aggressive sellers – which are pretty much on par with the Dominican Republic – there was nothing to complain about.

The country is beautiful.  The people are amazing, I still have friends from there on my Facebook.  The food is awesome.  It was great.  Perfect no, but seriously what place is.

Staying in a cottage was the best experience ever!  I would do that again anywhere, anytime, any place.  Loved it!

They also had two level attached cottages and rooms.

We would sit out with a coffee in the morning or a drink in the evening and chat with the neighbours from England.  We made great friends over the course of the week.  The whole experience was just like we have when we stay in a cabin here, except that we had the tropical weather and surroundings.

Because it was such a small resort, you couldn’t help but want to get involved with the activities.  The entertainment team here was incredible.

We met a couple who were getting married while we were there.  That was fantastic.  They even let the groom come up on stage later that night and do a harmonica serenade for his bride.  It was amazing.  He was just an incredible musician.

We knew going down that the beaches in Montego Bay wouldn’t compare with Negril, but they were still very nice.  Warmest ocean water we had been in until our 2016 trip to Punta Cana.

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And while it was small in the number of rooms, the resort itself was a really good size.  It was also walking distance to a small town.

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Because it was our first time and we honestly just had a blast at the resort we only did one offsite trip.  We did a 1/2 day catamaran experience which included Dunn’s River Falls.  I agree with everyone who told us that everyone should see the falls at least once if you go to Jamaica.

Jamaica was great and we can’t wait to return someday.  I think we would like to see Negril and maybe get off the resort more the next time.

The people of Jamaica are by far the friendliest we have met.  Anytime we were approached about purchasing ‘stuff’ , a simple no and we weren’t bothered again.  No worries mon!

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