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Fall 2017 into Winter 2018

Been a while since I have posted, but that doesn’t mean our adventures stopped.

No Nova Scotia fall is complete without a trip to the Annapolis Valley. From apple and pumpkin picking to the simple beauty of the fall colours, it is so worth it.

We love day trips. Fall is just such a pretty time of year.

Lots of festivals in the province that time of year!


December saw my husband and I celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. His job prevents us from doing much to celebrate at that time of year so we are planning a special Mexican vacation at a better time in 2018.

Christmas gave us a ‘weather bomb’. Crazy windy! Lot of roofs, including our, damaged and trees down.

That storm began what was one of the windiest weeks I can remember. Lots of damage.

January brought our first snow. And while I am not a Winter person even I have to admit it is pretty.

January also saw my sister-in-law take her first real vacation in almost 29 years. She owned her own business in Cape Breton and after 29 years, closed it down Christmas Eve. Farewell to the Beaver Cove Takeout!

Now it’s time to start planning Lisa and Stephen’s 25th Wedding Anniversary Excellent Adventure! I can’t wait!