Building a Love of Travel

My husband and I met over 30 years ago.  I am from Halifax and he is from the beautiful island of Cape Breton.   So pretty much as soon as we met we were traveling.

My first visit to Cape Breton was breath taking.  Just the drive there was amazing to me.  To my husband my reaction to all the new things was just as amazing.

We have been a lot of places in our travels, not too many can match the pure natural beauty of Cape Breton.  From the hidden trails and rivers, rich history, and amazing people to the stunning beauty of the Cabot Trail, it has something for everyone.

From our very first trip we discovered that we both had a love of travel.  At that time we were on a limited budget so we didn’t get to far, but every trip was special.

Then one year we both decided to quit our jobs and travel for the summer.  That began a lifelong love of seeing new things in new places and taking advantage of every opportunity to go somewhere new.

Nova Scotia is an amazing place.  So much to see.  We have been end to end of this province and no matter how many times you see it, no matter where you go, it is an amazing destination!

I invite you to check out a few pictures from our adventures to date.  Feel free to like my Facebook page and follow all of our adventures!

Nova Scotia Pictures


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