Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Our next trip we decided to return to Mexico.  This time to Puerto Morelos, which was much closer to Cancun than we had ever stayed before.

We stayed at the Oceans H10 resort.  Very nice.

The rooms, food, coffee bar, tequila bar, and service were all great.  We loved that everything day and night centered around the pool.  It was fun to party at the pool after supper.

The location of this resort was fantastic.  An hours walk by beach and you could be in town.  Along the way were other resorts, condos, regular homes, beach bars and just lots of things to see.

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Town had shopping, things to see and do and a few places to eat.  We ate at Pelicanos.  Delicious!


Since we went to Cozumel on our last visit and we were so close to Cancun this time we decided to visit Isla Mujeres.  We did lunch in Cancun and then grabbed the ferry over.  A valuable lesson we learned after our last trip was to wait until we arrived at the island to rent our transportation.  Our friends were with us this time so we rented a golf cart for four.  My husband drives for a living so he doesn’t mind driving on the islands.  It was awesome!  You can see the resort strip clearly from the island.  Quite the view!

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It was on this trip we discovered snorkeling at the protected reef in Puerto Morelos.  You have to hire a boat or do a tour with guides who are licensed to be on the reef.  Boats are not allowed in certain areas.  The water is so clear that even for someone like me who doesn’t snorkel, I was able to see lots of different things.

We walked down the beach a bit and hired a boat to take the four of us out.  I think it was 35.00 each.  We went out to the reef and they all went snorkeling with the guide.  While they were gone the boat driver took me on a little tour and gave me lots of great information about the area.  My husband said the snorkeling was like being in an aquarium.  It was an excellent adventure for all of us and now we have another must do destination for our Mexico trips!

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