2017 Winter Vacation

I live in Nova Scotia, which – for those of you who don’t know – is in Canada.  Nova Scotia is a beautiful province.   Doesn’t matter where you go, there is something special to see.

We are fortunate in that we really do get to experience all four seasons.

Our Spring is full of new life waking from a winters sleep.

Our Summer is full of beautiful weather days and just the right temperature nights.  As Nova Scotianers we take advantage of our summers as much as possible!

Our Fall (Autumn) is stunningly beautiful.  No matter where you go this province is full of colour.

And then there is Winter.  Yeah we get Winter, we really get Winter.

That is my son in that picture, he stands 5ft10in.

As a child, Winter was great.  As an adult, it sucks.  So every year once the temperature starts to dip we get the urge to start searching for a southern destination to escape to.  One week away from the reality of a Nova Scotia Winter.

After being away from Mexico for our last two vacations, we knew we were going back this year.  When we start searching we normally just look for where the best deals are, but this year was different.  We love the Riviera Maya area.  We really miss it when we don’t go.  It has everything we are looking for right now and the people are just amazing.  This year there was no question really, so while we browsed a few other destinations and briefly considered Costa Rica, we knew where we wanted to be.

On every trip we have taken to the area we have always made a point to get a taxi to Akumal Beach.  It is a spot we fell in love with on our very first trip.


We have always wanted to stay on that beach so hubby could just get up every morning and snorkel to his hearts content while I soaked up the rays.  It is also walking distance to town and there are a few local spots where you grab a beer or a bite.

Problem was that staying on this beach has always been pricey.  Not that it wasn’t worth it but it just never fit our budget.  We were content with cabbing it to visit, up to now.

This year when I started seriously searching (after my agent had me on to a few really nice looking newer places opening up in the RM area) I stumbled across a deal via Air Canada on the Akumal Bay Beach and Wellness Resort, perfect for our dates and with excellent flights.  To say I was ecstatic is an understatement.  We have always wanted to stay here.  They did major renovations a few years ago and we have been watching since then.  It sells so fast that if you don’t buy the deal you want when you see it, you won’t get it.  So year after year we missed out.

Not this year!

As soon as I saw it, I got in touch with our agent and we got it done!  24 hours later that date was sold out.  Within a week anything around that date was sold out.

So happy it finally came together for us.  Might just be that this was our time to visit this amazing spot.  Maybe it wasn’t meant to be until now!

Waiting for a last minute deal when it comes to all inclusives can sometimes work out, but in our experience if you want something particular you just have to book it when you see it.  By the time you hit January forward, the deals are few and far between and generally are just on the resorts that aren’t selling or the mega-resorts that have a thousand(s) of rooms.

All the resorts are beautiful. It is the service, the quality and all the little things that make the difference.  If you want something you have to go for it!  And we did!

The next few months will be spent watching the Locogringo Akumal Bay Webcam!  Google it.  It is great!

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