Spring Turns to Summer

Been a few months since I last posted.  Not really much going on to post about, but that is about to change..Summer is here!

One thing about being from the Atlantic Coast, there is nothing better then when Spring arrives and the transition to summer begins!

Everything coming to life and awakening after a long Winters sleep is what makes getting through Winter worth it.  These are a few pictures from around our home as Spring sprung.

The scenery all around us is second to none.

My hubby managed to get a lobster dinner in for his birthday.


He also was able to visit his family home in Beaver Cove, Cape Breton.

Me, I visited the city and made lots and lot of wine!

We got things summer ready around home, I visited Sobeys Big Red Chair and most importantly, we celebrated Canada 150 with the rest of Canada.

My 21 year old son bought himself a 31 year old car, which much to my surprise turned out pretty good.


Halifax had visitors from the US Navy here for Canada Day and we had a visit from the largest container ship to ever to come!

We are just a few short weeks away from starting our Canada 150 vacation adventures and escaping this cubicle jungle.  I can’t wait! Cubicle


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