Akumal 2018

This year’s Winter escape saw us return to Akumal and the Akumal Bay Beach and Wellness Resort. This was the first time we have ever returned to a resort. We have always lived by the rule that part of the adventure was exploring new places, however this year was a special one. We recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and decided we wanted to do something special for it. I searched and researched and honestly, after last years experience, I knew this place would provide us with the ‘specialness’ we were looking for. I wasn’t as confident with any other place I looked at.

I will break my post up, as we did lots on this trip. Hope you enjoy!

The day before we left was calling for a storm, typical Nova Scotia, so we stayed at the airport to make sure we didn’t miss our flight. Watching the airport in action was awesome!

We arrived in Akumal, Mexico on March 14. On checkin we were advised we would be moved to a penthouse room in a few days. That was awesome! Meanwhile we had a 2nd floor room.

Before we left I had met other guests on the resorts FB page. We arranged to have drinks with them when we arrived. So after getting settled we did just that.

After a fun first night we woke up to a beautful sunrise and ready to explore!

That’s all for now. Stayed tuned for more very soon!

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