Akumal – The Big Walk

I love to walk.  At home, when the weather is suitable, I try to get a least 3km in on week days and 5 to 10 at least once on the weekend.  My husband on the other hand wants nothing to do with it.  The one time he will humour me is when we are on vacation.

Last year we tried to walk to the far point of South Akumal Beach but never made it.  This year on the first try, he had burnt feet so we had to turn back.  The next try he wore sneakers and we packed water.  It was fantastic!

You may have heard there is sargassum washing ashore along the coasts of Riviera Maya and Cancun.  You will see in it many of my beach pictures.  From what we were told, it comes from South America and happens every few years.  It is similar to seaweed but not as slimey and more fine.  The resort we are at did a spectacular job at cleaning it up but in places where it is not cleaned it piles up quickly.


It is all along the beach, but most places are attempting to keep control of it in some manner.  It’s a natural process so there really is only so much they can do.

The beach is very picturesque with lots of condo’s, small hotels and homes.

We walked right out to the point, which turned out to be 2.65km.  We debated continuing but due to our water being low we turned back. Some spots were a little difficult but for the most part it was good.  Nice to see different the areas where people are staying or living.  Akumal is such a beautiful area.

The way back.

Maybe next time we will make it around the point.  I was happy to do the 5.3km we did.  Hubby was a good sport about it too.  Light sneakers made all the difference to him.

This walk turned out to be a good warm up for Chichen Itza the next day.  Stay tuned!


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