Summer 2021, Yup Still in a Pandemic

I’ve been a little slow getting caught up on my blogging, not because I didn’t want to but because things have been keeping me busy.

Yup, COVID is still with us. Since my last post we’ve all been boosted, the eligible grand-babies have their first shot and Omicron arrived. Thankfully we have a very high vaccination rate in Nova Scotia, so while the case load and death rate has been at its highest it’s not near as bad as it could have been. Enough COVID talk.

As we do every summer, we took a relaxing three weeks off. Lots of road trips along with a visit to New Brunswick and PEI.

We spent a night in Moncton and visited Casino New Brunswick. The food there is so good, never had a bad meal. The best part was I won close to $3000.00! This was one of my cash outs, I can’t even express how excited I was. It was a great start to our vacation!

After Moncton we headed to the PEI. Over the Confederation Bridge, through the COVID checkpoint and we were good to go. It was impressive how well they had things set up.

We booked a few nights at the Brudenell River Resort in one of their cottages. It was a beautiful property. Unfortunately with COVID not everything was open when we were there, but really that just gives us a reason to return.

The property was immaculate.

We spent as much time as we could driving around taking in the beauty that is PEI, away from all the super touristy places.

We visited so many great restaurants Rick`s Fish and Chips, Club 19 and Chez Yvonne`s to name a few. If we lived there, Chez Yvonne would be a favourite for sure.

Getting out and driving around the countryside of PEI is beautiful. Our next trip will be planned around driving along the entire coast of PEI.

As we always do, we visited lots of beaches this in 2021. By far the favourite was Crescent Beach. Being able to drive on the beach is pretty cool. The water wasn`t Mexico warm but it wasn`t bad.

We also had our fair share of wildlife visitors in the Summer of 2021.

Our summer was really great, but Autumn was even better!

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