I want to see the world!

My husband and I have always loved what we call ‘road tripping’.  From our first days as a couple we loved to hop in the car and do spontaneous trips.

Over the years we have had so many great experiences and now that our family is grown those experiences have evolved into looking for new adventures.

We have learned so many things, met so many wonderful people and seen so many amazing things over the years, and there is no stopping us yet!

I used to create scrapbooks for all of our trips but I recently realized that the only one who really go to enjoy them was me.  Without knowing the stories behind the pictures or videos, they were just that pictures and videos.  We weren’t sharing our experience just a memento of it.

Life is a journey.  For us part of that journey is experiencing the world outside of our little slice of paradise.  Sharing that journey is also part of the experience.

I hope that as my blog grows you will enjoy our journey and maybe just maybe, if you can’t go, you can walk in our steps in your dreams.



Dreaming of being able to wear flip flops in the sand everyday.