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Before we had children we would take off every chance we got to go somewhere.

We have been to destinations all along the Atlantic coast from Halifax to South Carolina.   I worked in Newfoundland for a while so we spent lots of time there as well. In the last few years we have added Ontario and Quebec to our list of visited destinations.  I have also been to Alberta and my husband has been to Saskatchewan.  This land truly is our land!

We dream of seeing the rest of Canada someday, especially British Columbia.  My father always said if he had to live anywhere other than Halifax, it would have been Victoria BC.  He loved it there.  To go from Nova Scotia to British Columbia is crazy expensive, so it is a destination for us that will take a lot of advance research.

Some of our favourite vacations have been in our own Maritime Provinces.  For those who don’t know, that would be Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island (PEI).

In our early travel days unfortunately I didn’t take near as many pictures as I do today.  That is sad because we have seen so many amazing things and places.

We also do a lot of what we call ‘road tripping’.  Just wake up and go.  Nova Scotia has many beautiful beaches, lakes, historic sites, scenery and so much more.  The Annapolis Valley during apple blossom time is something everyone should see once.  The whales of Digby (among other places) are a site to behold.  Visiting Windsor’s Hockey Heritage Museum is something every hockey fan should do.  The grounds at Uniacke House are immaculate.

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic has an excellent Titanic exhibit and the Museum of Natural History is a great place for everyone.

The Discovery Centre has some really neat stuff and during school off times they put together great activities for the kids to experience.

Joggins Fossil Museum, Pictou’s – The Hector, the mines of Springhill, Peggy’s Cove, York Redoubt, the Halifax Boardwalk and Citadel Hill are other great attractions in Nova Scotia.

But of all the things you can see or do here nothing matches up to the Cabot Trail.  It is just amazing.  I am sure we have been there 15 times and every time is just as wondrous as the last.  When you see pictures they don’t look real, but trust me they are.  In the fall the trail is full of spectacular colors as the leaves change!

PEI is a playground for the entire family.  So much to do!  The beaches with the red sand are one of a kind.  My favourite by far is Brackley Beach, yes even more than Cavendish Beach.  Camping in a tent or Cabin or even glamping is the way to go in PEI.  We always take the bridge over and the ferry back.  Years ago you could only get there by ferry.  It was just part of the PEI experience.

New Brunswick is a big province with a variety of everything.  Lots to do, Magic Mountain is a favourite, lots to see and something really for everyone.  You can shop, go to the beach, visit heritage sites, visit the Bay of Fundy and the Hopewell Rocks.  It covers all ends of the tourist spectrum.  I will say driving the highways to northern New Brunswick is painfully boring.  Once you get past Fredericton it is a pretty boring ride.

Regardless of which province you go you will find that the people are a big part of the experience.  We live a laid back, simple and relaxed lifestyle for the most part.  Don’t rush to get things done, take time to appreciate the moment, the destination and the experience.


Building a Love of Travel

My husband and I met over 30 years ago.  I am from Halifax and he is from the beautiful island of Cape Breton.   So pretty much as soon as we met we were traveling.

My first visit to Cape Breton was breath taking.  Just the drive there was amazing to me.  To my husband my reaction to all the new things was just as amazing.

We have been a lot of places in our travels, not too many can match the pure natural beauty of Cape Breton.  From the hidden trails and rivers, rich history, and amazing people to the stunning beauty of the Cabot Trail, it has something for everyone.

From our very first trip we discovered that we both had a love of travel.  At that time we were on a limited budget so we didn’t get to far, but every trip was special.

Then one year we both decided to quit our jobs and travel for the summer.  That began a lifelong love of seeing new things in new places and taking advantage of every opportunity to go somewhere new.

Nova Scotia is an amazing place.  So much to see.  We have been end to end of this province and no matter how many times you see it, no matter where you go, it is an amazing destination!

I invite you to check out a few pictures from our adventures to date.  Feel free to like my Facebook page and follow all of our adventures!

Nova Scotia Pictures


I want to see the world!

My husband and I have always loved what we call ‘road tripping’.  From our first days as a couple we loved to hop in the car and do spontaneous trips.

Over the years we have had so many great experiences and now that our family is grown those experiences have evolved into looking for new adventures.

We have learned so many things, met so many wonderful people and seen so many amazing things over the years, and there is no stopping us yet!

I used to create scrapbooks for all of our trips but I recently realized that the only one who really go to enjoy them was me.  Without knowing the stories behind the pictures or videos, they were just that pictures and videos.  We weren’t sharing our experience just a memento of it.

Life is a journey.  For us part of that journey is experiencing the world outside of our little slice of paradise.  Sharing that journey is also part of the experience.

I hope that as my blog grows you will enjoy our journey and maybe just maybe, if you can’t go, you can walk in our steps in your dreams.



Dreaming of being able to wear flip flops in the sand everyday.