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This Will Be A Good Year

If you’ve followed me for a while you know I embarked on a DNA journey to identify my mother’s birth parents and whatever else came with that. With the help of an amazing cousin I met through our DNA match I was able to identify my mother’s birth father, something we really didn’t think was possible. My mother has 5 half siblings on her birth father’s side. I’ve had some contact with them. Most importantly though, I got pictures. We know what they look like, what he looked like and so much more. This cousin has been so amazing!

For 2023 I have set my sights on finding a picture of her birth mother. We know a lot about her from the adoption paperwork. We have letters, interview documents and much more. I often wonder if she ever told her children or husband about my mother, there are also 5 half siblings on the birth mother’s side, or did she take her secret to the grave?

I have found photos of several of the siblings on Facebook, there is a clear family resemblance. The final piece of this puzzle though is finding a picture of her birth mother.

Reaching out is tough. Not knowing if they know she exists is something I have to keep in mind. I don’t want to upend anyone’s life nor do I want to have to prove anything to anyone. I have the documents, there’s nothing to prove. Facts are facts.

I have posted on Kijiji in the areas of Ontario where I know her family lives but no luck as of yet. I am not someone who gives up easily though. I love a mystery and solving puzzles of all kinds is my passion! My mom turns 74 this year and I am on a mission for her to see her birth mother’s face just once before her time on this earth is done.

This week we also had our first real taste of winter with some snow. But with Monday calling for rain and 10 degrees it’ll be short lived. Our winters are so weird now. January used to be one of our coldest months!

Missy doesn’t seem to mind it at all. My girl will be 16 this year! I wish I could sleep like a cat. 🥱

Wish me luck as I dive into this search! I won’t give up until there’s no where left to look!