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Akumal Bay Beach and Wellness Resort

We first discovered Akumal Bay in 2010. We had hired a driver to take a group of us there but it was a windy day and we ended up at Yal Ku Lagoon instead.  Really wanting to see it my husband and I returned on our own another day.  It was so worth it, but who knew that it would lead us to where we are today.

The Akumal Beach Resort, as it was known at that time, has always had a very loyal following.  It was a three star beach resort that was ridiculously expensive, for what it was, and almost impossible to book.  Very few suppliers even sold it in Canada.  But where we had heard about it from so many people we had to see it for ourselves.  So we visited the town and then, after fulfilling his dream of snorkeling with the turtles of Akumal Bay, we headed off to walk the beach.

The beach itself was beautiful.  Not riddled with resorts, very natural feeling.

Akumal Beach Resort was pretty much as we expected. Nice place with fantastic beach but way over priced.

In 2012 the resort began a major renovation and we started to watch it closely.  After a few years it really seemed like it had come into it’s own and we started looking for packages.  But low and behold, this resort is not for the last minute booker – which we used to be.  It sells out for the period we travel every year. In 2016 I was determined and I watched closely for something within our price range and finally got it for 2017.  That first trip was amazing.  You read reviews and wonder how much of what they say is true but with this place 95% of what we read was bang on.  When we went in 2018 we were astounded that it was better than the 2017 trip and again this year we were overwhelmed with how they continue to maintain such a high standard of customer service.  In my opinion it is the number one thing this place has over any other place we have been.  The Majestic Colonial in Punta Cana and the Decameron Club Caribbean in Jamaica are the only other places we have been to in all our travels that even come close to the same level of customer service as Akumal Bay.

Now this resort is most definitely not for everyone.  There is no glitz no glam no marble statues or towering fountains, it is pure simple elegance with a strong focus on wellness and being environmentally conscious.  There aren’t 2000 rooms spread out over a vast area, there are 310 ocean view rooms spread out over four beachfront buildings.  There no cheesy nightly shows, it’s a live band and dancing every night.  There’s a disco, but we’ve never managed to find time to get there.  There’s no swim up bar, thus the pool is very clean – honestly who is there for the pool anyway.  There are several pool/beach bars and pool/beach service so your never without a beverage.

Guests are generally happy and very friendly.  You see the same faces over and over so you feel like you know each other and you can easily make all the friends (or none) that you want.  We found this with other small-medium resorts we’ve been too as well.  It’s a very ‘homey’ feeling.  It feels good.

From the moment you arrive

and see your room (pictures are of regular junior suite, penthouse junior suite and corner junior suite)

You know you’re in for a treat.

From the drinks

To the food

To the buffet

and many other spots around the resort

There really is something for everyone.  And while for my husband it’s the snorkeling

For me it’s the views.  From sunrise to sunset they don’t disappoint.

Whether it is sipping on a coffee watching the sunrise or filling the tub and watching the stars with a glass of wine, it just feels so peaceful.  For a little while all the stresses of the world are gone.

The only bad thing I can say is that we are now very spoiled.  We measure all resorts based on the standard Akumal Bay Beach and Wellness Resort has set.  And let me tell you that has proven to be a real challenge when it comes to short listing places for our annual southern escape.

I think there is a fit for everyone when it comes to traveling.  A place that fits you as well as you fit it.  I truly believe when you find it you know.

We will try other places again, the world is too big not too, we just need to find something that will make us as happy as we are at Akumal Bay.  Until then, I guess we’ve found our home away from home.

Akumal – Till We Meet Again

Way before we started staying at the Akumal Bay Beach and Wellness Resort we would visit Akumal.  We discovered it on our second trip to the Riviera Maya and truly fell in love with it.  Aside from the fantastic snorkelling, the town is a great spot to spend an afternoon, eat, drink, shop and just explore.

Just up the beach from Akumal Bay Beach and Wellness Resort and Secrets Akumal there is a restaurant/bar called Lol Ha. If you google it, there is a web cam that overlooks the bay on the top corner of the restaurant.  The service there is great and the view is amazing.  We ate at the Lol Ha last year, it was so good.

Walking past here will get you to the path that takes you towards town where you can see the much talked about Akumal Arch.

Past the Arch is shopping, food and pretty much everything you need for a day or week long stay at the beach.

I can’t imagine a trip where we don’t visit Akumal, even if just eat at the local places. I highly recommend a visit.  I would like to think that someday we could rent one of the many condo’s nearby and see how that feels.

Next up – Akumal Bay Beach and Wellness Resort

Akumal – New Friends, Great Memories

Over the many years we’ve been together my husband and I have done a lot of different types of trips and along the way we’ve learned a lot about ourselves as travellers.  We’ve done family, friends, couple, group and just us trips. While they are all wonderful experiences, each offering their own pro’s and con’s, for me none is as good as the just us trip.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change anything about any of the trips we’ve done or experiences we’ve had as they’re all part of discovering who you are as a traveller, but the just us trip is uniquely special.  When you’re not accountable to anyone else you can experience the adventure on your own terms.  There is so much more freedom to explore, experience new things, and meet new people.

The people we have met over the years, no matter how we travel, have come from everywhere – home here in Nova Scotia, all over the rest of Canada, the US, the UK and Germany etc.  I wouldn’t trade the experience of meeting all these wonderful people for anything.  They have all enriched our lives, given us great stories to tell and we continue to stay in touch with many of them to this day.  Below are just a few of the folks we have met or travelled with over the years during our southern vacations.


This year we met some pretty fantastic people and while I regretfully don’t have pictures of everyone, we do have so many great memories and stories.  As it turned out, several of the people we ran into had been there at the same time as for us the last two years.  We actually did meet a few of them last year, realizing it in one of those true déjà vu moments on day one this year!  Only one person from the group of us that met last year missed this trip. Considering our timing was different and none of us had talked to each other since last year, it’s pretty amazing that we all were there together again this year.

Drinks, listening to the nightly band, chatting, sharing experiences, pictures and everything else with these folks made this year so much fun! Our last night together I tried to get everyone together for drinks and well, we ended up shutting the place down! It was awesome, such a great ending to a fabulous vacation.


We were missing our new friends from the UK, Natalie, Steve and the amazing Ethan, when we did the group shots. They were fantastic folks and I regret not getting any pictures.  Ethan has one of those personalities that just shines, especially with a few tequila in him :). He is truly a fine young man who makes me smile. He knows how to vacation! Guess we all just have to go back and do it again!  It’s funny, everyone was asking everyone else  ‘Are you coming back?’ and the general answer was ‘I don’t know, we like to try new things.’ but then as everyone was leaving it was with a ‘See you next year!’ So who knows. With Nikki and Sophie already booked to return, we shall have to wait and see what next year will bring.  In the digital world we are lucky in that we can stay in touch and remain part of each others life even though we are many kilometres or an ocean apart. Maybe, just maybe, we will see each other again.

I believe that everyone comes into your life for a reason, be it a short time or a long time they are meant to be there.  There is a purpose.  It’s not about how much time you spend with someone, it’s the impact they have on you however big or small that may be.

When we first started going to Akumal Bay Beach and Wellness Resort three years ago we knew it had a very loyal following.  It turned out to be the single most welcoming resort we’ve have stayed at hands down. The staff is just incredible. These are just a few of the staff who really become part of your vacation.



So, in closing – I say go out, put yourself out there and meet new people as you travel this great world. We all have something to offer each other.

Next up – Till we meet again Akumal!


Akumal – Off Resort Adventures

As fun as being on the resort is, you really miss out if you don’t take the time to investigate the area you are visiting. You really can’t say you’ve experienced a destination if all you’ve ever seen is resort properties.

Resorts provide us with a utopic view of a destination, not the reality.  Part of the draw of Akumal is that there is so much within walking or cabbing distance.  You really don’t need guided tours, which is fantastic. The walk to town is less than 10 minutes and Tulum the town is only a 10 minute cab ride away.  You can also walk the non-resort area’s of the beach for very long stretches.

We walk to Akumal most days and after discovering the golf cart rental last year, that has also become something we look to do.  It allows you to see and experience that much more of the area. After trying a few golf carts this year we ended up with the pink hot rod they use for advertising.


This cost 800 peso’s for four hours with a 400 peso deposit, returned to you when you bring the cart back. Well worth it. It’s a great way to explore the area.



After last year’s visit we knew we wanted to go to La Buena Vida and try the food. It didn’t disappoint. My husband said his burrito was the best he’s ever had anywhere.


For the rest of our time we just drove around checking out places we saw last year.  Great way to do a self guided mini-tour! The walk back is always great too.


We didn’t stay up too late that day as we left for Bacalar early the next morning. We’ve seen a lot of things as we’ve traveled Canada, the US and Mexico but Bacalar was incredible. I can’t believe we hadn’t heard of it until two days before we went.

Our first morning at the resort we visited our tour rep from Air Canada to let him know we had our own transportation to the airport. He asked what we were thinking of doing and we mentioned that we wanted to do something off the beaten path. We really aren’t interested in the whole tourist park thing – you can do that anywhere, we want a more authentic experience. He mentioned Bacalar so we did an internet search and yup, it looked nice. We headed off the to resorts tour desk to get their thoughts and you could just tell by the way they talked, it was special. Originally we had thought of going to Holbox but Juan really thought, based on what we were looking for, we would love this.  He was right.

I was going to do my off resort post as one but I think Bacalar deserves it own.  It was special.

From what our guide told us it is the educational and artistic hub of the Riviera Maya. It wasn’t hard to see that everywhere you went. It is a city with lots of buzz.


Enjoying Akumal

We’ve been to Akumal several times and have always managed to find something new.  It’s not that it is a big spot, it’s not, but I think we just get tunnel vision because we are familiar with the area.

On our first day of this 2018 visit we discovered a whole new walking path we didn’t even know existed.  It was excellent! So on our last day we decided we would rent a golf cart and drive around to see what else we were missing.

Before I get to that, I have to tell you about Lucy’s Ice Cream and the Turtle Bay Cafe.  I have seen people mention these places online many times.  We had never even seen them let alone tried them.  On our last full day we were out picking up some souvenirs and stuff from the local shops when I noticed a sign.  We decided to follow the sign.  Low and behold here was a Taverna, the Cafe, Lucy’s and a few other spots.  How on earth we missed these on all our other visits is beyond me!  We gave Lucy’s a try and it was awesome!

Definitely have to stop and look around more often.

After that we headed off to Akumal Caribe to rent our golf cart. This was such a great way to check out the area.

Lot’s of beautiful spots to stay.

We even made it to La Buena Vida and Half Moon Bay.  Amazing spots!

Once we were done there we popped into the Lol Ha beach grill.  This is a great spot right on Akumal Beach. Originally we were just going to have a beer, but the menu looked so good we got some taco’s and onion rings to share.  The bartender here, Raphael, was fantastic.  We loved listening to him!  Meeting new people, and we met lots this trip, is one of the best things about traveling.

Then we headed back to the resort to do some snorkeling…well hubby snorkeled, I tanned.

All in all, it was a pretty awesome way to spend our last full day!

Next up, saying Good-Bye…for now.

Another Sunny South Vacation Ends

We came home from Mexico on March 8.  It is always a time of mixed feelings.  We love Mexico but we also love home, Canada.

I could probably see us moving to 2 week vacations soon, just cause one week isn’t enough really.

Saying good-bye to Akumal and the Akumal Bay Beach and Wellness Resort was tough.  Loved it so much!  So glad that we finally got to stay there!

I know we will be back.  There is just so much to see and do in Mexico.  I am sure you could travel for years and still find new things.

We like the adventure of seeing new places and new things, so not sure if Mexico is next year’s destination or not, but we won’t wait three years to return like this time.  Oh, if only we could win the lottery!  I would travel my life away!

The last thing you see at the end of your vacation is the airport.  Cancun airport doesn’t disappoint.  It is a busy busy spot with lots to do while you wait for your flight.

You can also get some really good views of airplanes.

A plane takes off or lands at least every five minutes, making for great video and pictures while you wait your turn!

Take off is so scenic!

Until we meet again Mexico!  Thanks for the memories and the hospitality!


Now we are into April, the snow is almost gone and it’s time to start thinking about summer vacation.  This year marks Canada’s 150th birthday and we have three weeks booked off to see some of our beautiful country.  Here are a few pictures from home to warm you up!




So excited for Canada150 vacation!

What to do on a rainy day in Akumal?

When you travel during the winter months you have to expect some not so good weather.  Yes, even in the sunny south.  Bonus about the south is that while our nasty weather comes in the form of snow and freezing rain, theirs is rain.  I will take a rainy Mexico winter day over a snowy Nova Scotia winter day anytime!

Hubby and I generally avoid the organized excursions.  Being on a bus, having timed stops, being gone for the whole day and all that really doesn’t appeal to us.  We are more the figure out what interests you, grab a cab and go sort of traveler.  We like the adventure and freedom of doing our own thing.

However, we had a rainy morning while on our vacation and figured that would be a good time to look for an ATV or Dune Buggy type place.  Couldn’t find anything on the internet that was close by so we talked to our Air Canada guy.  Everything he had was whole day and nothing really appealed to us.  So we got on the internet and started looking at what else we could do.  Found the Akumal Monkey Sanctuary and Animal Rescue, which was just down the road from us but at first it looked a little pricey.  We also had friends who were staying at another resort doing a cenote tour but that sort of scared me – not sure if I would be able to do one let alone three at that point.

We were undecided so we popped up to the resort’s tour desk (Akumal Tours and Excursions) to see what they had.  Turned out they had a company (Vea ATV Tours) that offered a small group ATV half day excursion that included the Monkey Sanctuary and a cenote.  Sounded like a perfect fit for us, so Tim called and got us in at the last minute.

On the way there here we had to pick up a couple in Half Moon Bay and Akumal.  I could just drive around all day and be happy honestly.  I love looking at different places.

The first part of the excursion was the Monkey Sanctuary and Animal Rescue.  It is one of those experiences that make you happy and sad at the same time.  Lots of the animals here are rescues from resorts.  You know, the ones you can get your picture with.  These animals are often mistreated, not provided with the care, food, and attention they need.  Others are exotic animals that were rescued from owners who just didn’t know how to properly care for the animals.  It is good that the rescues and sanctuaries exist, but sad that they are needed.  They will do pictures here, but it’s under the care and guidance of someone who is properly trained to handle the animal and never for more than a few minutes.  Most importantly the animals/bird aren’t chained to anyone/anything and they aren’t having food withheld or being otherwise mistreated for the sake of a tourist’s picture.  You can use your own camera or buy the ones they take.  It’s still not for me though, did it once in Punta Cana and regretted it ever since.  A few of these pictures are from the thumb drive I purchased at the end of the trip.  Hard to get pictures of all the animals.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They also had a very nice lady do a Mayan snack for us. It was really good!

Next up was the ATV ride.  It was a total of 14 km on nicely groomed trails.  So much fun!  Lots of puddles from the rain!

Last was the cenote.  I am not much of one for closed in dark places and unknown bodies of water.  To say I was a little nervous was an understatement.  But wow, just wow!  It was incredible.  So beautiful!  Glad I didn’t let my fears get the best of me.  Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be a good thing :).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All told we were gone just over 4 hours, which was perfect and long enough for an organized excursion.  We got to do all three things we wanted in that time and enjoyed every minute of it.  There were only 12 of us on the tour, so it was a nice small group.

Again, a couple of the pictures from the ATV and cenote were not taken by me, they were on the drive I purchased.  Many of mine didn’t do the cenote the justice it deserved and I couldn’t take pictures of us driving the bike obviously.