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Excursions from Akumal

Our next day in Akumal we just enjoyed a short walk to town and kicking back at the beach talking about what we wanted to do.

It was Mexican night at the resort so we ate at the Mexican restaurant that night.  So good!

Normally we just make up our own excursions as we go, we very much dislike being tied to a schedule, bus or a big group.  This year however the excursion desk at the resort posted a couple things on Facebook over the last few months that looked interesting so we thought we would investigate.

The first was Catamaya.  This is a Catamaran sailing trip that included a lobster, steak, burger or chicken kebab dinner.  It also included snorkeling, fishing and just general fun.  Something light to get out onto the water.  The trip left from Puerto Adventuras.  We have stayed in this area before so we knew the marina was something else.  Didn’t disappoint this year either.

We were also moved to our penthouse while we were away on the Catamaran.  That was pretty spectacular.

The next day we went for a short walk, but someone had burnt feet from the boat so we didn’t go far.  He did some snorkeling and we relaxed.

We tried the Gourmet restaurant that night.  We weren’t really sure what to expect and I am a fussy eater so I was worried.  All I can say is WOW!  While, for me some of it was sketchy, the beef tenderloin and lava cake were the best I have ever had.   My husband loved it all.

The second excursion we did was a VIP Chichen Itza day.  That truly deserves it’s own post, but here is a quick preview.  It was fantastic.


That’s it for now.  Next up the ‘big walk’, Chichen Itza and the golf cart day.  Stay tuned!