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Ottawa 2018 – Days 3 and 4

Days 1 and 2 were very busy.  Day 3 was a little more laid back and I even let hubby make a decision.  FYI – that was my first mistake.  Lol!

We got up early headed to the Byward Market for breakfast and then off to see Notre Dame.  I love these old buildings, so historic and regal.  The architecture is amazing!

From there we headed towards the Museum of Nature, stopping at some sights along the way.  Of course, nothing is as simple as it seems and we got lost.  Google failed us so we stopped at a local watering hole to collect ourselves and get directions.  That was our first unplanned adventure of the day.  The Museum was great, expensive though.

We headed back to the hotel to give our feet a rest and well, one of us went through two pairs of good quality flip flops in two days so a little shoe shopping was required.  I can’t even begin to tell you how fortunate it was that I picked up a new pair of Sketchers flipflops that afternoon.

Hubby had a nap and then decided we should take the water taxi to Gatineau and have supper over there.  He found what looked to be a good spot online and off we went. The taxi ride was great, beautiful views.

We were going to visit Jacques Cartier Park however it was only opened for another hour and they were going to charge full price so we skipped it and got ourselves on to the ‘Red Line’ or Culture Trail that promised food places in 10 minutes.  We followed and followed it until finally we reach a small group of packed eating establishments. No luck there so we looked up with spot he had found earlier and headed there using Google Maps.  After an insane amount of time and in excess of 10km we figured Google had led us astray and failed us for the second time in one day.  We found a gas station bought beer, downed it in the parking lot and called a cab to the Casino.  The other meal we had eaten there was so good, probably the best wings I have ever had.  This second one didn’t disappoint either.  I would go back there just for the food anytime!

By the time we made it back to the hotel we had walked over 22km that day.  My brand new flipflops looked five years old but I am so thankful I had them!  The other ones would have had nothing left to them.   All in all we had fun and the little things, like getting lost or chugging a beer is a gas station parking lot, are what make the fun memories!  We even won a little at the casino that night.

Our last day we hadn’t planned on doing too much.  We had a late flight but fortunately had made plans with my cousin to visit and then head to the Keg for supper together before we left.  We did manage to see a few more places that morning before we left for Kanata.

Before we left, there was one final first for us.  We were sitting at the Keg when all the phones went off and there it was, our first Tornado Warning.  Let’s just say that was a little freaky!


We had a fantastic trip!  Ottawa is such a great city and there’s just so much to see and do I know we will be back soon. ..maybe this winter to see a hockey game and skate the Rideau???  Who knows…I do know this, we won’t be relying on Google Maps again! But I do love my new flipflops 🙂