Day Trip – Eastern Shore, NS

So on we continued with our vacation adventures.  We decided after seeing the beaches on Nova Scotia’s South Shore that it was probably worth checking out those on the Eastern Shore.  They aren’t as nice as the South Shore beaches, but a beach is a beach.  Great way to relax!

Lawrencetown Beach – this beach is more known for surfing than swimming.  A little to rocky for my liking.

Never know who you will see on the beach in Nova Scotia!


Clam Harbour Beach – they hold a huge Sandcastle Competition every August here.  It draws big crowds and the pictures are always amazing.  Pretty quite on this day.

On a non-travel note, if you have ever Googled ‘Nova Scotia’ you know we love our donairs.  There is this new spice out that tastes just like the donair spice we make at home.


Before we went on our adventure, I decided to give beer can burgers a try.  These are super easy. Use 3.5 lbs ground beef (2/3 med and 1/3 lean), 3/4 cup bread crumbs, 3 TBSP Donair Spice and knead together.  Dice up 1 Spanish Onion and 2 Tomatoes. Make patties and use a beer can to compress the middle. Fill with diced onion and tomato.



To BBQ place on a foil dish and cook on low for 30 to 45 min.  I did a few as normal burgers (mixed everything together without compressing the middle), in case the beer can ones didn’t turn out (first time trying it).


Top off with fresh mozzarella. Once melted put on a bun and serve.


They turned out amazing!  My son much preferred the beer can ones to the regular ones,   said they were juicier.  Hubby liked both the same!

Really worth trying!



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