Mini Nova Scotia Tour

With the potential for a work stoppage at Canada Post we had to plan our vacation close this home this year.  The Maritimes are beautiful with lots to see and do, so doing a ‘stay-cation’ for this year was just fine.

After our Moncton trip went decided to venture to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia for a visit with friends we made in Jamaica.  Been a long time since we had been there.  Kind of funny, we had to go all the way to meet these fabulous people from our own home province!

We decided that while we were there we do a mini-tour and take the very scenic route home.  First stop, the town of Yarmouth.

Hipsons Creek  Stone Bridge and Memorial

Shag Harbour UFO Information Centre

Through Shelburne

and on to some of Nova Scotia’s nicest beaches.  First up Lockeport’s Crescent Beach.  As a note, we had a great lunch at the Town and Country Diner in Lockeport.  Well worth the stop!  We are going to try and book cabins here next year.

Next up we went to the Liverpool area where we found Risser’s Beach and another Crescent Beach.  Pretty sure Risser’s deserves another trip!

Crescent Beach


Bridgewater is always an interesting place to go through.  No different this trip!


Here are some other random images from our trip.


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