The Fundy Trail

After leaving Annapolis Royal we decided to take the long (very long!) way home.  It had been a very long time since we had been down that way,we still wanted to see where Cape Split was and a friend had recommended we stop at Hall’s Harbour.

There is a lot of road work going on down that way so it was a rough ride that’s for sure!


If you have ever been to any waterfront areas in Nova Scotia you have noticed that there are inukshuk’s everywhere.  An inukshuk is created in the likeness of a human and is used to signify that ‘someone was here’.  It can also mean ‘You are on the right path’.

The seaside rest stop in Port George had lots of inukshuk.

Hall’s Harbour is a small fishing village, similar to Peggy’s Cove.  What makes it special are the tides.  Situation alongside the Bay of Fundy, this area has some of the highest tides in the world.  It really is quite spectacular.

Just so you can get an appreciation of how high the tides are.   This is the difference 6 hours makes.


There is a restaurant there.  It was just meh.  I have had much better fish and chips.20160811_130542

We also stopped at the Look Off on our way home.  The view of the Annapolis Valley is just amazing.


This is as close to Cape Split as they would let anyone get out of their vehicles.  We do plan to go back this fall when the colours are starting to change on the leaves.


Our last stop on this trip was Noggins Farm Market.  We have been here many times to do the corn maze.  It is lots of fun.  But they also have a market there and well it is blueberry season in Nova Scotia, so we had to get some.  Nova Scotia has the best blueberries you will ever have!



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