Vacation Wind Down

After our trip along the Fundy Trail we stuck pretty close to home for the rest of our vacation.  We are fortunate in that we live in one of the most scenic places in Nova Scotia so we enjoy being at home.


We have lots of wild life around. The chipmunk is a ‘rescue’ we did at the beginning of the summer and the pheasants have been visiting us daily since they were chicks.

BBQ’ing and spending time with friends is what Nova Scotia summer’s are all about!

This is a Portuguese Flattened Chicken and a Donair Spiced Beer Can Chicken.  Awesome!

We did manage to get down to Summerville beach.  Everyone was saying it was the best beach in Nova Scotia, but I think we liked Crescent (in Lockeport) and Rissers more.

We also checked out the Quarterdeck while we were there.  Friends of our had stayed here and we thought it looked interesting.  It is on the list now for a future vacation!  I would love to stay on the beach.  Your local meal options are limited but the Quarterdeck does have a restaurant.  A little bit pricey, but good.


My kitties are never too impressed when we leave, so they were happy we stayed.


As per usual once they figure out we aren’t going away, all goes back to normal until the next trip.


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