October 2016

Fall in Nova Scotia is probably our most beautiful and scenic time.  The weather is usually nice with warm to hot days and cool nights, good for sleeping.  From time to time we will see a tropical storm or a good ole Nor’easter and once in a very blue moon we get hit with a hurricane, but for the most part it is nice.

Our Thanksgiving weekend was suppose to have little rain on Sunday but nothing serious.

As the weekend approached we were watching Hurricane Matthew as it moved up the Atlantic Seaboard.   The devastation was heartbreaking.  One can’t help but feel pure sadness for the people of Haiti.  Here’s hoping that with the help of the world, they can rise from this storm.

We weren’t expecting any impacts from it here, but as often happens in a maritime area – things change.  On Monday, October 10 (Canadian Thanksgiving) saw the remnants of Matthew fuel a nasty fall storm for Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and southern New Brunswick.  It moved into southern Newfoundland on Tuesday.

Some areas saw significant flooding, that is still receding today.


Winds were nasty.


Once we lost power at home we decided to do what all Maritimers do and head to the ocean to see what the waves were doing.. Because of wind direction it was actually pretty calm.

But, as always, very pretty!

There are so many pictures and video’s of the storm and it’s aftermath – CBC News

Luckily for us no one was killed or seriously injured.  We endured as we always do.  The Thanksgiving Storm of 2016 saw lots of barbecued turkeys, pies and everything else.  But most of all it made for a Thanksgiving to remember!

Yesterday, we had over 10, 000 cruise ship visitors, including a Disney ship, that were diverted here from the Bahama’s because of the storm.  Really hope all the cruisers enjoyed their unexpected visit!

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