Enjoying Akumal

We’ve been to Akumal several times and have always managed to find something new.  It’s not that it is a big spot, it’s not, but I think we just get tunnel vision because we are familiar with the area.

On our first day of this 2018 visit we discovered a whole new walking path we didn’t even know existed.  It was excellent! So on our last day we decided we would rent a golf cart and drive around to see what else we were missing.

Before I get to that, I have to tell you about Lucy’s Ice Cream and the Turtle Bay Cafe.  I have seen people mention these places online many times.  We had never even seen them let alone tried them.  On our last full day we were out picking up some souvenirs and stuff from the local shops when I noticed a sign.  We decided to follow the sign.  Low and behold here was a Taverna, the Cafe, Lucy’s and a few other spots.  How on earth we missed these on all our other visits is beyond me!  We gave Lucy’s a try and it was awesome!

Definitely have to stop and look around more often.

After that we headed off to Akumal Caribe to rent our golf cart. This was such a great way to check out the area.

Lot’s of beautiful spots to stay.

We even made it to La Buena Vida and Half Moon Bay.  Amazing spots!

Once we were done there we popped into the Lol Ha beach grill.  This is a great spot right on Akumal Beach. Originally we were just going to have a beer, but the menu looked so good we got some taco’s and onion rings to share.  The bartender here, Raphael, was fantastic.  We loved listening to him!  Meeting new people, and we met lots this trip, is one of the best things about traveling.

Then we headed back to the resort to do some snorkeling…well hubby snorkeled, I tanned.

All in all, it was a pretty awesome way to spend our last full day!

Next up, saying Good-Bye…for now.

3 thoughts on “Enjoying Akumal”

  1. It definitely pays to return to a place more than once.  There is always something new to discover. 

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