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Summer 2022 – Another COVID Summer

Who’d have thought we’d be experiencing our third Summer in this pandemic, but here we are.

Things were a little different this year with the removal of all public health protocols. It certainly made for an interesting summer, and Fall for that matter.

To get things started the husband and our neighbours undertook a horseshoe pit maintenance project. We play every year usually from April to October. The last major overhaul was a few years ago so it definitely time.

The husband also took on a garden improvement project, he did a great job. That straight line is something else!

We finally got down to see the new viewing platform at Peggy’s Cove. Unknown to us the Bluenose doing a sail by that day! What a sight!

My cousin came for her first visit ever to my house the following week! I was so excited I never even got a picture of us. It was such great visit.

We did lots of road trips again this year. By the time this pandemic ends there won’t be too many places in Nova Scotia we haven’t been.