Akumal – What a Great Place

We just returned from our visit to Akumal, Mexico.  What a great vacation we had!

We stayed at the Akumal Bay Beach and Wellness Resort for a week.  I had been wanting to stay here for years but the place just sells out too fast.  It is one of those resorts you can’t wait for a deal on.  You have to book it when you see it.  I will do a separate post later for the resort itself.

The resort is on Akumal Beach, which is one of the nicest beaches in that area.  The beach is long with white sand and is well known for its turtles.  Been a bit of controversy down there lately as the government has banned tour operators from taking groups into the bay but it is in the best interest of the turtles and their environment that the government has taken this action.  There were just too many people going.  It was out of control.  You can still go there just not with a tour operator.

The beach is definitely one reason we love this area, but the other is the town itself.  Love going in there.  You can just shop like you would at home, no hassle.  Prices are reasonable and you can get whatever you need to want.  Of course peso’s is the easiest way to pay for everyone but they are flexible with other currency.

We did lots of fun things on this trip – Ek Balam, Akumal Monkey and Rescued Animals Sanctuary, ATV tour, and a cenote.  I will be posting about them all, trying to keep my posts a reasonable length.

One of my most favourite things we did was beach walking.  Akumal Beach is long.  There is the public area, two resorts and loads of condos/apartments/ homes.

Lastly for this post, should any of you be planning a trip where there is snorkeling I strongly recommend the full face snorkel mask.  I have never been able to put a snorkel mask on, full blown panic attack if I try.  I was desperate to find a way to see the turtles this year.  I bought goggles hoping that might work for me.  My husband on the other hand went to a local dive shop and bought me the full face mask and snorkel.  Figured if I couldn’t use it he would.

Let me tell you, I wouldn’t have believed it unless I tried it but wow!  It was great and the first thing I saw was turtles.  So amazing!  I will never be able to snorkel like hubby can but I was thrilled that this worked for me.  I stayed out for quite a while and saw so many things.  It was awesome.  The snorkel part goes on top of the mask.


Anyway, I look forward to sharing our adventures!



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