Akumal Bay Beach and Wellness Resort

We have been to the Riviera Maya area several times now.  On our very first trip we discovered Akumal Beach.  Fell in love with it that very first time.

Back then there was a single resort on that beach, Akumal Beach Resort.  It was a small 3 star place on a 5 beach that had a very loyal clientele.  The price was generally pretty high for a 3 star as well.  But I knew people who just loved it.  Raved about it.  I followed forums and blogs of people who just couldn’t get enough of it.

It of course made us want to go and find out what all the hoopla was about.  Alas, it never happened.  Darn place was so popular it just sold out for our available weeks year after year.

Then a couple of years ago the resort underwent a major transformation.  They renovated everything and added lots of new features.  Basically total makeover.  Some of the regular clientele seemed a little miffed about it, but personally I was more intrigued.

Once we saw pictures, posts and reviews of what they had done, I knew.  I just knew I had to find a way to book it.  I diligently watched the different travel sites for 3 years until I found exactly what fit our needs.  We booked in November of 2016 for March 2017.  The day after we booked it was sold out.  I can’t tell you how happy I was we didn’t wait on this one!  Lesson learned – if you want it you just have to go for it.

I was beside myself for months.  Stuck between excited to finally be going and fear that it wouldn’t live up to my expectations.

We are all different kinds of travelers and we look for different things.  For our annual southern trip my husband has always said he doesn’t care where we go so long as he can snorkel, that isn’t really true he does care, but lack of snorkeling is a deal breaker for him.  Me, I like a nice room, nice restaurants, nice beach and the little things that make you feel special as a guest.  I want to feel special, like I matter to them.  Deal breaker for me would be mediocre service or reviews of mediocre service.  Aggressive time share tactic reviews are a deal breaker for both of us.

Akumal Bay Beach and Wellness resort seemed to hit all the right notes for us, in reviews and forum posts anyway, and after months of waiting we finally got there.  Almost from the moment I set foot in my room I knew.  I just knew that this was what everyone was saying it was.  It felt so comfortable.

From beautiful sunrises in the morning to sitting in our deck hot tub looking at the stars at night, it was perfect.  Well, I know nothing is perfect but it was darn close.

We met so many people from all over the world!  People like us who just wanted to get away.  This isn’t a party place, maybe kind of an adult party place where everyone is in bed by 11:00/11:30 but not a rip roaring have at ‘er party place.  It is a traveler friendly place for all ages and there is lots to do for everyone of all ages.  The WiFi was exceptional, even your phone addicted teen is happy here!

And there is the snorkeling of course!

Lot of food, drinks, treats and every bit of it was great!  I tried a lot of drinks, maybe a few too many?  Naw, it was vacation!

From the staff to just the little things they do right, I loved this place.

This is a small to medium sized resort so it won’t fit everyone’s travel style.  If you are partial to the mega-resorts you likely won’t like this.  But for us it was as close to perfect as we have come yet.  Long long beach for walking, close enough to walk to town, lots to do on the resort, lots of snorkeling and a great spot to be if you felt like doing absolutely nothing.  Even though it was full, it never felt full or crowded.  We said that time and time again.

Funny thing, there is another resort on this beach now, Secrets Akumal.  Secrets has been on my wish list for a long time.  Figured while we were there we would check it out.    Was  it worth paying double the price to be next door (still on the same beach)?  Honestly, I couldn’t see any reason why.  It was nice but no nicer than where we were.  We googled it and it didn’t offer anything more than what we had.  I think my wish list may need an update.

I got every morning to watch the sunrise.  I love being able to do that and here it was especially beautiful.  It matters not where I go, it is one of my favourite things to do!

Next up will be Ek Balam, which was amazing!

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