Road Trip – Moncton and Saint John

We go to New Brunswick quite a bit. Normally we don’t get much beyond Moncton so for this trip we decided to switch it up. It had been 27 years since we visited Saint John and we figured it was probably time to go back.


We started the trip at the Hotel Casino New Brunswick.


I had a free room there so it was as good a place to start.  Our room was fabulous!

We ate supper at the Hub City Pub. The food there is always excellent!

After a fun night at the Casino we got up early to head to the Fundy Coastal Drive route. The drive to Saint John isn’t that far from Moncton, so we decided to take the scenic route and see as much as we could.

Our first stop was the world famous Hopewell Rocks, one of the many places along the Bay of Fundy where you are able to experience the world’s highest tides. At low tide you can literally walk on the ocean floor. We were there at mid-tide.

From there we headed to Cape Enrage, stopping from time to time along the way to take in the beautiful scenery.

Then off to the Fundy National Park.


From there we went to Saint John where we had a room booked at the very nice Chateau Saint John.

Once we were settled we set out to explore the downtown area. It really had changed since we were last there.

During the drive my husband had mentioned something about a ferry between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. I had never heard of such a thing, but figured why not look it up. Turns out he was right (don’t tell him I said that, it’ll go to his head!). Seeing as how it was something we had never done before and there was a possibility that we could see whales during the 2.25 hour trip we booked it. Any opportunity I get to maybe see a whale, I am in!

I couldn’t have been more surprised at how nice it was. It was well worth what we paid and I would do it again. We didn’t see any whales, but the scenery and views were still spectacular.

After landing in Digby we headed straight for home, we had a long drive ahead.

Saint John surprised me. I am so happy we went and I think next time we will do more than a one nighter. I really would like to go whale watching out of Saint John. We’ve done it out of Digby and it was awesome, I can only imagine off of Saint John would be just as good!

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